Lewis, Breasclete

Neil Maclennan, crofter, Breasclete Park
John Maciver, crofter, Breasclete
Donald Martin, crofter and mason, Tolsta
Donald Macdonald, crofter and fisherman, Dun of Carloway
Murdo Macdonald, crofter and fisherman, Tobson, Berneray
John Mackenzie, crofter, Callernish
George Smith, crofter, Callernish
Murdo Macleod, crofter and fisherman, Borrowston
Norman Mcarthur, crofter and fisherman, Borrowston
Norman Macphail, crofter, Upper Carloway
Norman Morrison, crofter, Knock, Carloway
Angus Paterson, crofter, Kirvig

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