Witnesses to the Napier Commission

This site gives information on the witnesses who gave evidence to the Napier Commission at its hearings in the Outer Hebrides The witnesses are grouped by location where they spoke.Each entry links to the relevant page on the transcription of the Napier Report, in the case of the Outer Hebrides on this link.

The information is mainly obtained from the Scottish censuses for the years 1841, '51, '61, '71, '81, '91 and 1901, as presented on Ancestry.co.uk. The death records were viewed on Scotland's People. 
Sources for additional information are attributed in the relevant entries.

No claim for completeness or error-free presentation is made, and many of the witnesses could not reliably be traced in the censuses, due to the relative paucity of surnames and first names in this part of Scotland.

All constructive feedback and additional information welcome.